Naivety and growth.

It's taken 6 years to get to this point. 6 years of adventures and travels. 6 years of red-eye flights, overnight trains, overcrowded busses and sweaty across-town hikes - to finally write some of this down. 

It guess when you leave something like this so long - you sort of don't know where to begin. I can't tell you why it took so long to finally try and share some of my journaled adventures, but I can say that it's been mighty hard trying to curate 6 years worth of travel into a coherent portfolio display. I had to settle for a work in progress - with countless travels still to upload, I couldn't put it off any longer. I'm just doing it.

Travel is something we're all blessed to experience, and whether we think about that blessing or not - it's something that changes us infinitely. Elements of naivety that shelters in times of comfort is often stripped away in the recklessness of good adventure, leaving us room to grow.

I owe the person am today to the world. And while I fear I may always be one of those people who continues to feel like a work in progress - I will admit that that the content of my spirit would be half of what it is today, if not for the open road, the people I've met and the stories we've lived - all written down in countless journals over the years.

So, I want to thank the world, planet earth - all those happy, sad and scared faces in countless wonderful places across the globe - for contributing to the growth of my nomadic spirit and the gentle re-birth of a once naive girl.

You have my heart. For what it's worth.