True luxury, is a restored riverside retreat in the middle of a eucalypt forest.

I arrive in Strathblane, South Tasmania just before sundown and I am without a doubt stressed. I’ve got just one full day to photograph and showcase the main features at The Voyager - as well as its sister property, the coveted River Run Lodge and Bar. Every minute is precious for property shoots, so when I arrive later than intended, I lose hours of valuable shooting time. When I push open the solid timber door of the property and step into the warm, wood-fire lit, impeccably styled living room, my stress all but leaves.

It’s impossible to not be influenced by the invigorating feeling of zen that this place exudes. Perched on the edge of Tasmania’s Esperance River and surrounded by dense Eucalypt forest - The Voyager, with its high ceilings, enormous windows and lovingly reclaimed timber features, feels every bit the luxury retreat it was designed to be. 

No expense has been spared to bring the place back to life. Once a simple camp managers hut, that also housed a few wombats (no joke, you can fact check me) it took a few year and bucketloads of hard work from owners Megan and Rohan to transform The Voyager into the luxury retreat it is now. Everything from the furniture, fittings and textiles is the epitome of indulgence. High quality linens, top-of-the-range appliances and heavenly inclusions (there’s face and lip masks on the bed pillows, Murchison Hume in the bathrooms and wine in a decanter) take the stay up several notches beyond your average stay expectation. 

 I will always be a firm believer that it’s the story behind a place that truly makes it special and The Voyager isn’t short of a tale to tell. The stone wall behind the outdoor bath and shower was sourced, individually selected and transported from a nearby quarry - under the supervision and guidance of a local stonemason - a task that Megan and Rohan admit they practically begged him to come out of retirement for.

Inside, The Voyager features timber panels, sourced from the nearby reclaimed and repurposed Dover Jetty. When it came to styling styling the space, the pair road-tripped across Tasmania to personally collect the vintage wares that give the luxury space a sense of historic fanfare.

When I turn on the outdoor shower, the hot water comes in fast. In the icy evening air (courtesy of the cold snap we’ve been experiencing in Tasmania) the steam from the water curls and spirals up the quarried wall and into the eucalypts above. How anyone could remain stressed in a place as magical as this, has me at a loss. As I breathe in the cool night air, I'm soothed by the gentle bouquet of iconically Australian scents - damp Eucalyptus, smoking hardwood and traces of salt from the estuary nearby. The nostalgic nature of the breeze feels sweet to me. It's the warm hug I needed.